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Sep 28,2017

Why Instagram Makes For The Perfect Digital Marketing Tool

Digital Marketing has completely change the way in which we reach out to potential clients and ever since its inception with the dawn of the internet, hundreds of thousands of businesses have been able house the medium to reach a wider audience than ever before. One of the keys to a strong digital marketing strategy, and a method that all businesses are able to use, regardless of scale or budget, is social media, a unique way to branch out to millions.

All of the social media channels can be beneficial to you business from a digital marketing perspective and today I want to talk about just why Instagram is so important. If you are looking for a solid digital marketing strategy, here is why you should be concentrating on Instagram.

In the last 2 years the amount of users which Instagram has had doubled, making this a great place for you to find new clients and potential customers. Unlike with Twitter and often with Facebook, there are fewer fake accounts on Instagram as well which means that the people who like what you do and engage with you, are real Instagram followers who are looking at strengthening the community and most importantly, seeing your business.

Less Noise
People know exactly what they will get with Instagram which is photographs, easy visual aids which explain the content. Other social media sites however will allow their users to upload posts, articles, images and videos and this can lead to news feeds filled with a lot of noise. It is for this reason that many insiders suggest that the level of traction which advertising on the likes of Twitter and Facebook has decreased in recent years.

Forces Creativity
Because of the one dimensional nature of the website, being that you can only upload images, you are enforced to get creative with your marketing skills on Instagram. In truth, you should always look create content which is thoughtful, which adds value and of course, which is creative but when you have videos, words and links at your disposal, it can be easy to get complacent. The more creative you content, the more likely it is of hitting home with your target audience.

The newly released Instastory is the perfect blend between Snapchat and Instagram and it can really help you to grow your followers and get more people engaging with your content. These stories have had huge levels of success since Instagram rolled them out and you can use the stories to post live videos and share links, which viewers can see in a  single swipe. The Instastory gives the social media website a slightly edgier and more real time opportunity for you to go after your market and many businesses who are using it have seen some excellent migration levels between Instagram and their website.

If you have not started using Instagram yet, now is the time to begin.

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