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Aug 08,2018

Transform your Digital Marketing Strategy with Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the latest technological innovation that is expected to replace humans and get rid of menial tasks. It is expected that AI would be applied in every business operations, especially, e-commerce sector. These virtual assistants are getting updated each day and one must know its impact on digital marketing. The following ways you will be able to leverage your marketing strategies using AI.

1. Analyze customer behaviour

AI can store and use data of the consumers pertaining to their online activities. This information is statistically treated to provide insights about the behaviour of the customers. Companies can use this vital information to strategize their marketing schemes so as to efficiently target the potential consumers.

2 .Content curation

Artificial Intelligence can also curate relevant content for the promotions. It has been one of the challenges of digital marketers to create appropriate content that would appeal to the customers. AI finds exactly the correct content by identifying the choice of the consumers so that you can never go wrong with content.  

3. Lower cognitive load

AI can learn on its own and it does the same continuously. It also possesses cognitive characteristic including ability to decide, solve issues, and also, can depict emotions while interacting with the audience. Of late, AI have also started being creative and can use the same while taking decisions.

It reduces the cognitive load of the humans so that they would use this time and energy in other productive tasks. The human brain has limitations when it comes to memory. AI can be used to overcome this shortcoming as they can process and store large datasets.

4. Improved advertising

AI will allow you to personalize the advertisement for the consumers. It would flash the advertisements to the audience based on their previous online activities. For example, the user who search online clothes would see your advertisement if your company is an online clothing store.

5. Predict the future

Predictive analysis allows you to recognize the future trends related to your product. The behaviour of the User in the future is accurately predicted using AI. Big data is used to analyze large datasets in order to assist you in strategizing the future marketing policies.

6. Chatbots

AI replies to customer queries, place orders, and interact with the potential consumers. AI is able to interact like humans with the customers. Also, it enables the users to give voice commands that are recognized by AI and the tasks are performed instantly.  AI in the recent years also demonstrates certain emotional characteristics that would enhance customer satisfaction.

7. Recognize face

Face recognition is used for verification in various fields for security purposes. Also, face recognition is common in Facebook. What AI brings new in this genre is that it immensely speeds up the process and also, possesses large pool of data so as to recognize any and every face accurately.

8. No guesswork

AI has changed the face of predictive analysis and market research. Say goodbye to guesswork and accurately estimate the consumption pattern of the individuals. The error-free and usage of large datasets provide results that are reliable.

9. Testing

Promotions require trial and error method to know which of the content is more appealing to the audience. AI will do this testing for you by recording the reaction of the audience and state the most effective promotional content, which your company can then use to engage the viewers.

10. Programmatic marketing

Previously, the buying and selling of digital advertisements involved humans who bid and undertook all the related process. With the advent of AI, programmatic marketing has evolved and is changing the advertising landscape in this era. Programmatic advertisement entails the online bidding, selling, and buying of advertisement. This means faster, smoother, hassle-free, and accurate transactions.

Yes, AI is altering the face of digital media and would continue to do so in the coming years. Embracing this change would not only improve the quality of results, but also reduce complexities related to business processes. The outcome would be accurate and manual tasks of the humans would vanish. Without doubt, the popularity of AI is expected to rise in the future. The sooner they are used in your marketing style, the faster you would witness the magic that it can potentially provide to boost the promotional performance.

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