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May 08,2018

Top 7 Infallible SEO Techniques From The Book Of Experts

Gone are the days of keyword stuffing and signing up to directories. With more and more algorithm changes, achieving a quality SEO has never been more difficult. Strategies that could have given your web pages that front page result in 2017, may not work in 2018.  That’s why it’s important to stay ahead.         

In order to get more traffic to your websites, you must do some technical work on your pages. We have narrowed down 7 important SEO techniques advised by branding agency Dubai that can significantly improve your search ranking.

1.Hack Wikipedia for Wikipedia and topic ideas

If you are searching for some keywords that your competitor is not aware of then, Google Keyword Planner is not the right option for you. Use this technique instead. If you are searching on monthly basis then ‘Google Planner’ is good for you, but if you are searching for new and innovative ideas then ‘Google planner’ won’t help you.

The Keyword planner gives a very close variation of your seed keywords.

So, if you enter the word ‘weight loss’ in Google keyword planner, it will spit out very similar keywords like this:

If you want keywords that are not straight up variations but are closely related to your seed keyword then you need a human mind or better yet Wikipedia – where dozens of human minds contribute their ideas.

For instance, simply enter a keyword ‘insurance’ on Wikipedia.

Now here, you will have an option of Contents, Sidebars, Internal Links and See Also sections. These sections will help you to have a brief summary of all the info which has been displayed on the page.

Sidebars and callouts:

Internal Links:

Consequently, a single entry on Wikipedia will help you get a bunch of ideas for generating new keywords.

Internal links will give you a lot more keywords. You just have to click it and follow the same procedure.

 2. Remember the 'first link priority rule'

One of the common errors that we make in SEO is that we don’t use the keyword rich anchors in the navigation bar of the site. In accordance with the rule of first link priority, Google notices only the first link.

Let’s say you have a navigational bar like this, on your website:

Now, suppose you add an anchor text ‘Healthy Recipes’ and drop a link to your ‘Healthy’ page. As a result, according to “First link first priority rule” Google will ignore the ‘Healthy Recipes’ anchor text inside the page and will count the only anchor text, it saw first i.e., ‘Healthy’ on the navigational bar.

Tip :

Use keyword rich anchors in your website’s navigational bar, as links below them don’t count.

3. Send link juice to pages sitting on page 2 and 3

If you are on 2nd or 3rd page of your Google search results you might actually be on page 60 as well. If you add some internal links on your page then you can boost those pages to the first page of Google search.

There is a three-step SEO technique to get it done.

  • Log in to the ‘Google Search Console’ >> ‘Search Traffic’ >> ‘Search Analytics’. Make sure to check ‘Position’. Now, search results by Position. Check the keywords with a position of average 10-30.

  • Sort authoritative pages on the site with the help of ahrefs. Go to URL homepage and follow these steps. Click Search=>Top Pages. This will show you the majority of authoritative pages.

  • Add internal links to the landing pages that need a boost from those authoritative pages, identified in the previous step..

4. Run creative campaigns that get shared 

A good quality content will surely give you more shares and best rankings. For this, you must devise a strategy to make your plan work perfectly. You need to understand the psychology of the masses. According to Moz, give an emotional touch to your content, as it is an important characteristic of a great content. Either it is humor or charity you just need to deliver it in a novel and finest way.

The following tactics will help take your campaign to the next level:

  • It must evoke an emotion
  • Choose your content wisely
  • Create a creative strategy to gain attention, fast
  • Make an ordinary extraordinary and hit your customers with something unexpected.


One of the best ways to make your campaign stand out in a crowd is to offer your website visitors with a ‘10x content’. Advertising agencies in Dubai are using the ‘10x content’  strategy and as the name implies, your content should be 10 times better than your competitors.

5. Create your own keywords 

If you are writing about a product, technique or even a simple diet tip, never forget to name it. Because anything you create will stay original and if it becomes popular, then you will unquestionably hit the top chart in the rankings.

So, Be a Leader: Make your own keyword. You will surely rank no. 1 for the keywords that you create. You can also find out undiscovered keywords with this “underground” SEO tool known as Here’s how it works:

1. Create a scenario for a search query
A scenario is that someone would use to find your business online. Try not to be too leading with your scenario.

Click on ‘Create my Scenario’ and you will be redirected to another page, where you will be provided with a special link.

2. You will be provided with a unique URL to give to people you want to answer your scenario. Share this unique URL provided to your contacts.

Now, send this link to your friends and target customers to see what keywords they would use:

Submit these results to move to the next step, which shows the list of Domain names as under:

3.  Watch out seed keyword list grow. You will get a list of outside-the-box keywords that now you can pop into Google Keyword Planner.

6. Skyscraper technique 

The Skyscraper will help you catch a standard content, find an improved copy and get some fruitful backlinks.

Fortunately, you do not need a team of developers to create your skyscraper post. Follow the steps below and you are done.

   (i). Find link-worthy content

  • You can check the Link-worthy content using SEO Spyglass.
  • Further analyze high ranking content in Tank Tracker
  • Lastly, find content with most shares using Website Auditor

   (ii). Revamp the content 

  • Check out the accuracy of the information in the posts
  • Work on outstanding design and create a more detailed post
  • Sprinkle in emotion appeals and change a bit of the style

   (iii). Contact the right person to ask for links


7. Get your website on AMP

APM was introduced to the market in 2015. It helps you load pages quickly on mobile. Google prioritize those sites which use AMP. Because more and more customers are using mobiles plus people visits frequently those pages which load rapidly. Even though AMP has a few downfalls but in a long run, it is beneficial for the web functionality.

Moving your website to the top ranking is not an easy job. You need to use some very powerful SEO tools to achieve your goal. Hacking Wikipedia for ideas, using skyscraper and AMP, creating your own keywords and running creative campaigns will help you along the way. Also, never forget the first link priority rule.

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