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Jul 09,2016

15 Best Social Media Automation Tools for Marketing

Each one of us are aware about the way Social Media Marketing has become important for any business to flourish. It is today by far the most important way to reach the targeted audience, connect with the customers and the Industry peers.

Social Media Marketing is an endless job and you never feel that you have done enough. In such a scenario, the Social Media Automation Tools comes handy and more useful enabling you to channelize and automate your digital marketing efforts and make your presence felt  almost everywhere.

Social Automation Tool makes it easy to automate the complexity out of the process and keep your social media postings updated. Some of top and widely used social automation tools are mentioned here:

Hootsuite is a tool to manage your social media networks, connect with customers and grow your brand on social media, all in one place. With Hootsuite you can save time finding the right content to post. You can stay close to your customers and find new ones to connect with. It enables you to become more efficient and effective at social media by helping you to manage 100 social networks and measure the performance of your campaigns in one place.

Buffer is a smart way to schedule, publish and analyse all your posts in one place. It enables you to share your content at the best possible times throughout the day so that the followers and fans can see the updates more often. As one adds the content, the social media channels where the post needs to be updated can also be selected. Hence you can post the same message to all accounts or add context by customizing each. With this smart social media automation tool you can save time and get more done by working from anywhere.

IFTTT is an easy way to automate your world by connecting your apps and devices with, "if this, then that" statements. If a trigger event happens the automation kicks in and the corresponding action takes place. Its a simple web based application that allows the users to create chains of statements termed as "recipes". These messages are triggered when there are changes on the other web services like Gmail, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.
This social automation tool provides content sharing solution where your news feeds and RSS enabled web sites are continuously monitored. Your content is then automatically shared on your social networks. In addition the tool also boosts your website traffic and leads by distributing your blog posts to search, social, mobile and local media. It is a powerful tool to share the content in an easy way.

Post Planner
Post Planner makes it easy to get engagement on social media. It enables the end user to publish the right kind of posts. It also helps the user to find content that is proven scientifically that skyrockets engagement, boosts reach, and drives more traffic to your website from Facebook, Twitter & Pinterest. It also shows the top performing content for any social account or topic.

LikeAlyzer enables you to analyse and monitor your Facebook pages. This tool helps the end user to measure and analyse the potential and effectiveness of your Facebook Pages and know how popular their pages are.  It further allows the user to monitor, compare and explore all the possibilities of your Facebook page to get popular on the social media network. It not only gives the facebook statistics but the "Instant Review Feature" presents a simple yet complete overview of the facebook page.

The collaborative platform of this social media automation tool ensures smart, faster and more efficient social communications. It helps in bringing business and people closer together by social media engagement and customer service. The platform successfully reaches out to the audience with the tools to execute and optimize social marketing plans.

A social media and content marketing app, this tool helps you to share great content to your social media accounts. It further helps in generating great content for social networking pages. DrumUp discovers relevant and engaging stories of interest to you and your social media audience from around the web. It ranks the stories and queues them for sharing through your Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn accounts.

Pagemodo helps you make a mark in the social media marketing sphere by helping you to have a striking facebook page by with a beautiful cover photo. Its an easy tool which makes social media marketing simple for companies. It offers tools which a company needs to grow its brand image and engage the customers across the social channels.

Everypost is a simple tool to curate the visual content from a variety of sources. It further customizes and schedules the posts exercising greater controls over social pages. It’s a simple publishing solution and the most convenient way to share multimedia content across different social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linkedin, Pinterest and more.

Agora Pulse
Agora Pulse is a simple and affordable social media management which enables you to manage all the social media messages in one place. With this tool you will never miss a tweet or an update and it also makes customer engagement easy. It is the perfect, low cost solution to keep the clients happy and preserve your margins!

Oktopost is an easy platform for the social media management for B2B. It helps you to manage content and measure the true business value of your social media marketing. It is an effective tool to schedule the content distribution in advance for any day from single platform. It further helps to manage all social marketing activities and measure the results for clicks and engagements for the postings.

MeetEdgar curates all your social media posts in one library. It’s a social media scheduling tool which keeps the importance of a post intact forever by carefully cataloguing them in a library that the user has built over time. The user writes a social media update and upload it to Edgar, categorizing it for the library. Edgar posts it according to the category based schedule of the user. This update further gets stored in the users library. When another update in that category is posted, Edgar reposts it so that it can be seen by a brand new audience.

Socedo is a social media automation tool which helps you to discover, engage and qualify prospects through social media to increase revenue at scale. It helps the user to discover the best prospects on social media who share information about themselves, their problems and interests on social networks everyday. It then creates meaningful conversations with all the stakeholders and further qualifies your social prospects through an automated workflow.

Uncover and connect with the right audience with this smart automation tool. This tool is trying to bring a fresh perspective in the way brands and agencies identify, attract and engage target audiences via social media. The SaaS-based social marketing platform delivers rich and actionable insight which further helps the companies to create sophisticated segments. This is based on what people say, who they are, and how they think.

With social media automation,  you can really save time if it is well planned. Get your content posted on just the right time, so that you do not miss out on reaching to the potential customers during your so called “busy schedule”.

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