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Nov 04,2019

Salesource: The All-In-One Ecommerce Dropshipping Software

E-commerce is the new way of doing business in this new age of technological innovations. It offers colossal advantages not only to the business owners but also to the consumers. This business model allows the movement of hundreds of thousands of commodities across the web by leveraging the dropshipper and the retailer. These are transactions made by computer networks. As compared to the old ways of doing business, e-commerce promotes increased productivity, lower costs of doing business and increased convince[1]. This is the sale of products/services via the internet and the use of electronic communication and digital information processing technology in business transactions. This has led to value creation and transformation of relationships between and among individuals and organizations[2]. It is the most dynamic and important sector of the economy.

The online business guarantees that the buyers and sellers are not affected by time, location and distance because it is convenient and time saving. Because of the benefits mentioned, online business becomes one of the methods of doing business and becoming a dropship agent is one of the ways people become involved in online business[3].

In the world of e-commerce today, the most important aspect for the players is to offer unparalleled customer satisfaction. There are factors that have contributed to online commercial transactions and in this dynamic environment; dropshipping emerged as one of the favorable methods to do business[4].  The rise of online marketing has brought tons of benefits to business owners and consumers. [5]Potential customers browse the internet and acquire information relating to the goods they want to purchase. By taking advantage of the online tools and resources, it is possible for companies to market themselves and encourage potential customers to look further into them.

In e-commerce, there are three basic models that can be distinguished; dropshipping, fulfillment and one stop e-commerce. Dropshipping is a supply design whereby the seller does not store the products in a physical store[6]. This means that the retailer ships product directly from the supplier to the customer. When the order is received, sellers forward the details to the supplier. The process of shipment is transferred to the supplier.  In this kind of business, more attention is concentrated on the delivery service and finding the most reliable supplier.  The fast growing adoption of the dropshipping business will change the face of e-commerce.

This kind of model is beneficial not only to the supplier but also to the customers and the retailer. The retailer focuses on marketing and development of their product and transfers the decision-making in terms of inventory location, order delivery, transit times and shipping costs to the customer as well as shipping logistics to the dropshipper.

A dropshipping tool enhances the sale of goods through online stores that are widely spread across the globe. The difference between this kind of model and standard retail is that the retailer does not possess and inventory. It is often defined as an easy way to get into the e-commerce business and is an easy way to get started selling online. The benefits are many and not limited to:

  • No stocking requirements
  • Unlimited product variety
  • Low human resources
  • Small maintenances costs
  • Easy access to information via internet
  • Flexible working program
  • Marketing investments requirements rather that inventory requirements[7].

Dropshipping is a good business model which is useful for testing a new product in the market. Also, it enables a retailer to sell a low competition niche product as well as offering items that are big, bulky, hard to ship or expensive. It is also popular because of the low cost of initial investment[8]. Additionally, there is no burden of packaging and distribution. The system does not know time or space limits, that is one can run the business wherever they are.

Salesource, as a dropshipping tool, has unique characteristics as outlined below:

This allows the dropshipper to scrutinize and evaluate products that they want to purchase before making an order. The user is required to upload an image of a product into the software.

and the search engine will find the best match on the shopping platforms and therefore saves a lot of time. Apart from getting the cheapest price, Salesource will provide additional information relating to the product that the user might find valuable . This includes a list of other competitors selling the product, product description generator and a video finder that identifies a relevant product video that can be used in ads for marketing.

This feature allows a dropshipper to identify a store that outlines product estimates, best-selling products, advertising campaigns, applications and themes used. The feature is a good indicator of whether the products that a customer is sourcing are marketable and if they do sell. Therefore giving the shopper a widow of opportunity to make rational decisions on the products to source depending on their demand and popularity. It tracks the demand for goods and sales by taking into account cumulative goods traffic that stores get. After that, an estimate average of product value is computed automatically.

This feature offers an edge over other competitors in the dropshipping business. This is contributed by the fact that a dropshippers are able to instantly view detailed metrics on their competitors, such as date of site creation, store apps & technologies, monthly revenue, best-selling products and much more.

3.  Chrome extension
This is one feature that changes user experience completely. The chrome extension gets automatically activated when a customer visits a product listing on the shopping platforms.

This enables a Salesource user to carry out necessarily importing and downloading product photos. This feature provides key product description, details of the supplier, sales graph and price history, therefore helping in picking the right product to sell. Additionally, it highlights when the same customer purchases products in bulk, indicating as to whether the same product is being dropshipped by another competitor[9].

4. No product ambiguity
Lack of proper details on a product is dangerous in business dealings. This tool gives a full description of a product including the serial number such that the dropshipper can make payment through a dropship agent for a specific product, therefore avoiding any sort of confusion. This ensures the validity of the transaction. This also allows a dropshipper to market their products to the end user in their online platforms such as WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram with all the required details[10].

5. Sell, Source & Scale                                          
Finding top rated suppliers has never been easier, with SaleSource dropshippers are guaranteed high quality items. It also provides an avenue where the dropshippers access high converting product videos & generate top quality descriptions (for any product). With only one click, they are able to view all competitor stores for any product, find proven best.


Instant Competitor Intelligence.
Dropshippers can view all other online existing online stores such as Shopify, Amazon, Wordpress & many others. Additionally, they can access their apps, theme & accurate sales estimates provided by the VolumeFind2 algorithm.

Find Top Suppliers With One Click.
Salesource allows dropshippers to instantly view all suppliers for any product being offered in the market platforms. Also, they can get the cheapest price, USA shipping and myriad other benefits you will need to save time, money and keep your customers satisfied.

Chrome Extension Exclusive
This feature allows dropshippers to view top buyers of products at any given time. And even more specifically who has ordered the most units of a product to determine market saturation. This has been made easier by our product-research-on-the-go chrome extension.

Dropshoppers are able to get instant results on autopilot. Also,they can be able to access detailed trends of the past 6 months of a products units sold per day, determine if a product is trending now or has run its course.

Success With Shopify Made Simple
Dropshippers can access all kind of products retailing in the top stores on Shopify sell and emulate their success with the list of over 20,000 top selling & famous stores, updated weekly.

Deep Shopify Store Analysis
Dropshippers are guaranteed to find out in seconds everything there is to know about any Shopify store - all their best sellers & all their recently uploaded products, a highly accurate sales estimate & more.

In the online marketing platform, they can dominate Facebook Ads With Over 200,000 Product Videos. The use of our vetted marketing videos to create viral Facebook & YouTube Ads that converts to increased sales.
Technological advancements in the business sector has led to the growth of E-commerce which has in turn fuelled the growth of the dropshipping business. In the world of online marketing and selling of goods and services, Salesource has established its niche in the sector. It offers convenience to the dropshippers as well as ease of access to goods. It has put in place features that allows it to be dynamic in the constantly changing market and it takes into consideration trends in technological advancements. This tool has therefore transformed the dropshipping business and made access of goods and services easier, made simply at the click of a button.


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