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Jun 18,2018

Recommended Advanced SEO Link Building Strategies You Never Used

There is no shortage of data on the internet when referring to SEO backlinking, with numerous articles teaching people what can be done to increase rankings in a highly organic manner. The problem is that most articles refer to backlink building at a simple level, one that does bring results but that is limited. SEO companies do much more, including the advanced SEO linkbuilding strategies that are highlighted below. Use them to increase your rankings and get an edge over your competition.

Brand Mentions

Most people are focused on getting a direct backlink from high authority websites but you can always take things one step further and generate brand mentions. Ever since 2015 (as highlighted by John Muller) it was important to look at diversity and the brand mention was a great option that only some used.

Nowadays, brand mentions help rank because Google realized they are a sign of authority. If people talk about your brand there is a much higher possibility to get better rankings, all without the link. In fact, if you look at the backlink profiles of all the big brands you will find so many associated brand mentions. This is not a coincidence.

Image Backlink Creation

Another really interesting backlink strategy you can use is linked to the photographs you already have. You can easily upload them on file sharing websites where you allow people to use them, as long as they give a backlink to a source. The idea is to use this as a part of your overall SEO strategy. Usually, people make the mistake of randomly uploading these images and asking for random backlinks. This is not a good approach.

In order to make this SEO linkbuilding campaign a success, you want to be as targeted as possible. For instance, if you have an image of tourist attraction in Valencia, the link you get back should be towards an article about Valencia. This makes everything highly connected and the backlink becomes more valuable. Although the overall value of an image copyright backlink is low, if properly targeted, it can be a huge success.

Trading Backlinks

Some years ago, SEO relied on backlink trading. It was a very easy way to get great backlinks and organize highly successful ranking campaigns. The strategy ended up being less popular as time passed as other more effective methods were found. However, this does not actually mean that such an advanced SEO linkbuilding campaign would not be highly effective right now.

Backlink trading should be done with caution but it can bring drastic SERP increases. You want to be sure that you do not come out as doing something that would be seen as spam.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to SEO linkbuilding, you need to think out-of-the-box. There are always many different options that are available. When your competition uses the same strategies as everyone else, you can get ahead by simply using more options. Why not take advantage of strategies like the ones mentioned above?

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