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Jun 20,2016

Pinterest is ready to roll out Retargeting Ads

Pinterest is opening a new platform to self-service advertising with its new Targeting Tools to make Pinterest advertisements more appropriate. It has added three new targeting alternatives to help marketers and businesses target the delivery of promoted pins by combining their own company data with the data Pinterest collects on its users.

The new targeting tools include Client List Retargeting, Website Visitor Retargeting and Look-alike Targeting that will offer 420 areas of interest on the platform to help the advertisers work into specific areas of pinning activity and find potential buyers. The users can browse vacation destinations, fashion tips, remodelling ideas or any other topic of interest, pin and organize them on Pinterest boards and share them with other individuals or groups.

Being a consumer-curated log, this new function involves matching the uploaded list with email addresses connected to user accounts and includes an encryption process called “hashing” that keeps personal information of the users out of the hands of the advertisers.

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