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Apr 23,2018

Key Benefits of Clover POS System for Your Business

Have you ever desired to integrate Merchant Account Solutions which enables your business to increase sales more quickly than you have imagined? Well, Clover POS system is there to make your success dream come true. Launched in 2012, this is a cloud based Android POS. This accounts solution system is designed to help your business grow at much faster pace. It gives complete solutions to your business requirements. Customers are king and naturally happy customers make any business successful. If you are considering to upgrade your sales system, consider investing in a Clover system- a surefire way to simplify and improve business performance. Let’s find out what are the other benefits that you can get from this ‘miracle invention’.

It Saves Time:

Clover POS System is easy to learn for your staff and saves time. The difference between this system and packaged offers from other vendors is that they offer various items such as cash drawers or printers, Clover system combines everything with mobile device, iPad or Android, giving complete processing solution. Once you have this POS system ready and running, the day-to-day functions of your business become easy, quick and smooth. Moreover, its features such as employee schedule, payroll generating system, tracking of sales and return and automatic ordering for SKUs makes it a must-have business solution for owners.

All Transaction Data at One Point:

A few years ago it was not possible to access data analytics through cash registers. With the help of POS (point of sale) system, it becomes easier to gather data and analytics. Clover system helps businesses gather data and displays on sheets and graphs which are easy to read. It is easy to get sales report with a dashboard which gives summary metrics such as product performance, VIP and returning customers, local trends among competitors and cash flow.

Powerful Apps for Customized Solution:  

Clover POS system is featured as a customized solution with the help of its various efficient power apps. It has its own app market which works with the system; SimpleOrder, Insights, and TableMapp are just to name a few. These Clover apps handle tasks for example monitoring check-in and out of employees, tracking cash, managing inventory, identifying top selling products and creating discounts and combination of products for boosting sales.

Transaction Reporting becomes More Efficient: 

This system ensures reporting of every transaction with the help of print, email and text receipts. Apart from ensuring customer satisfaction, it also helps understanding the consumer behavior more clearly.

It Gives You Complete Security for Your Card:

Everyone worries about credit card security when it comes to transact money during a purchase. It is a good news for businesses that Clover system has built-in card which encrypts card information. The information in card is secured when a card is encrypted and its information cannot be accessed without a security key- making it fully secured against hackers and thieves to hack personal data.

Its processing Software is Highly Dependable: 

Clove pos works with the help of Ethernet or Wifi. You can work not only online but also offline with the help of its offline mode when your internet is down. This added feature makes business work smoothly with more sales.

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