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Mar 06,2018

How to Save Money While Shopping From Amazon?

Amazon India is the leading e-commerce online store in India and it has overtaken Flipkart in the popularity parameters. Not only the website, Amazon India app has more active users than Flipkart’s app. It could come as a surprise for many online shoppers because it is hard to find Amazon promo and coupon codes on internet whereas Flipkart’s promo codes are readily available. It could be more to do with the fact that there are more trusted and genuine sellers on Amazon than on Flipkart. But on a macro level, the decisive factor in the difference in popularity is the availability of Amazon Pay Wallet. You can get refunds instantly and there are various Amazon add money offers available on popularity coupon sites like PromoCodeClub.

Ways To Save Money On Amazon
Not many online shoppers are accustomed to the fact that they can save a lot of money while shopping from Amazon India. Most of them think that the discount offered by the company on the certain category of products is all they can get. Due to lack of availability of promo codes for Amazon, they shortlist the products and check out by making the payment through their cards, net banking, or opt for cash on delivery. But this is what a normal online buyer does. If you want to be a smart online buyer such that you save smartly on every purchase and shop more with your limited budget on Amazon, the following guide is going to help you immensely.

Use Amazon Pay Wallet 
Instead of paying through cards or net banking directly, you should upload money to your Amazon Pay Wallet before purchasing anything. There are many Amazon add money offers available on PromoCodeClub that you should use to recharge your wallet. The reason for not paying directly is that when you pay through Amazon Pay wallet, you get huge cashback on the products eligible. Furthermore, you can get refund instantly in case you return any product or get damaged goods. Therefore, it is a dual gain that you get like a cashback for adding money and another cashback when you spend the money. But you have to watch out for the offers on PromoCodeClub on a regular basis to spot the add money offers as well as cashback offers for buying items using Amazon Pay.

Amazon Daily Deals
Amazon provides new offers every day and almost every hour on different products. If you are not getting Amazon Pay cashback on the item you are intending to purchase, you should wait out a few days. The reason is that you need to check out PromoCodeClub’s Daily Deals every day and you are likely to get discounts on the products you are purchasing because Amazon keeps offering discounts on similar products from time to time. Therefore, all you need is patience and following PCC on a daily basis to save money purchasing your desired product and use the cashback or saved money to shop more.

Shop Direct Through PCC 
Another way to save on purchases from Amazon is by shopping through PCC. Go to PCC’s Amazon add money offer page on the website or app and check out the offers available such as discounts on products, cashback while purchasing through debit cards of a specific bank, brand offers, and likewise and make your purchases based on the offers. Basically, you are not buying random items but only those items on which offers are available. You can come back to the deal and offer page regularly and spot the items you wanted to buy at a good discount. All you have to do is click on Activate Offer or Get The Offer and make the saving like a smart online buyer should do.

The next time you purchase anything from Amazon, make sure you avail the offers from PromoCodeClub first before checking out to save more like never before.

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