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Jul 22,2016

Free Stock Photos Websites for your Social Media Images

Striking Visuals is an important element for web or graphic design. Designers and graphic artists are always in look out for the right image to make their websites, graphics, presentations or creative more meaningful and appealing. However, getting stock photos of your choice without having to pay anything provides an added bonus.

Most of the photos that you may like can be highly priced or is either low on resolution, watermarked or blurred. Here is a list of a few sites that offer high quality stock images that you can use for any purpose without getting into any copyright issues.


Pixaby offers high quality images and has a collection of over 680,000 free stock photos, vectors and art illustrations. They are free for personal or commercial use under the Creative Common CCO. These photos can easily be downloaded, modified and used as per the requirement. 

If you are looking for some real good images all stocked in one place, then Pexels can be the right place for you. The site has stock images for various categories including business, abstract, art, people, vintage and more. These free stock images can be used for various purposes.

Offers high resolution images which can be used for any purpose. The site adds 10 new royalty-free photos every 10 days. 

Stocksnap offers beautiful stock images. There are hundreds of high-resolution images, which are added weekly. These photos are free from every copyright restriction. No attribution is required too.

A free stock photo site, which offers easy navigation and high-resolution images. It is especially good to those who are looking for some great ‘food shots’.

Offers free photos that can be used for websites creative and more. It’s a very simply done website with lots of photos covering wide range of topics from wildlife to antique.

This website offers free high-resolution pictures which can be used for the personal and commercial purposes. New pictures are added every week. These images are free from copyright restrictions.

Negative Space
This website offers free high-resolution images with their RAW files. All the photos are released under CCO with no copyright implications. Once you join and become a registered member of the site, you can download unlimited high quality, royalty free images, vectors, illustrations and more. 

An amazing resource to download free stock photos free from copyright  rules. These images can be easily used for commercial purposes too. Find images for various categories including people, landscapes, abstract, food, technology and more.

It’s a great place to get free pictures for business or personal projects. New pictures are added almost everyday. 

Death To Stock
Death to Stock is a free photo download site where you can get free photos every month on your emails. This will help you create rich digital experiences and elevate your visuals.

Picography offers high-resolution images, which can be used in any way you like. These stunning images can help you to create amazing graphics, web designs and presentations.
The Freestock images website offers stock photos to be used for personal and commercial purposes. These stock photographs are free from copyright restrictions and can easily be used in blogs, social media postings or personal use.

Offers free hi-resolution images for the personal and commercial purposes. These images make the job of a designer quite easy and simple. 

With so many websites offering free stock images, it becomes increasingly easy for the designers to execute their designing jobs. Free from copyright restrictions, these images can easily be used for personal and commercial purposes to increase the visual impact of your graphics and presentations.

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