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Jul 29,2016

Facebook to host exclusive content of Rio 2016

NBC, the broadcast rights holder of the Olympics, will publish highlights and recap videos of Rio 2016 events to Facebook and Instagram, announced the companies on Thursday. The videos will be available to U.S. Facebook users through NBC’s Facebook page.

NBC will publish up to 20 Olympics highlights per day on Facebook and Instagram, plus a 2-minute daily recap show with highlights that will be exclusive to Facebook. It will also use Facebook and Instagram photos as its NBC telecasts as well as Facebook’s livestreaming feature to create videos of athletes speaking with NBC’s live anchors.

Facebook and Instagram users however, will not be able to see live stream videos of the actual competitions. NBC has reserved the rights to network live games and events footage and won’t be sharing it with Facebook or any other partner platform. The viewers will have to tune in to NBC’s television channel to enjoy the events live.

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