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May 21,2018

Epic Traffic Towards Your Digital Presence- 7 Smart Hacks

As a marketer or business owner, what often comes after customers on a business wish list ? Epic traffic to his website. A good website is just like having an extra employee, one who works 24/7, answer queries, give information and can be the face of the company. There are more than 1.24 billion websites in the world. Hence, there is a lot of competition, but keep in mind that you are not going to attract all internet users, instead your goal is to get more people in your target audience to visit your website.

There are a number of ways through which you can increase your online traffic, but website designing company suggests using these 7 simple ways to increase the amount of traffic that you are getting to your website:

      1.   The “upside down” guest post

While reading a guest post, most people will not notice the author’s bio. This is because mostly, author’s bio is hidden at the lowermost corner of the page. If people don’t see your link in the author bio, they are not going to visit your site. Here is how you can solve this problem:

After writing a guest post, include a “helpful source” section in your post. But don’t forget to add a link to your content as well, as a helpful source. In this way, you will get about 80% traffic via your guest post.

     2. Post on social media on strategic times

Posting on the social media with a great content will go in vain if you are not doing it at the right times. Obviously, you can’t magically know the exact time but there are some strategies to act upon to achieve the desired goal.

For example, the best day to post on Facebook is on Friday. As people seem to be happier and bit more relaxed on Friday, so posting a funny or upbeat content will fit right into that “happiness index”. Posting at 1 pm will get you the most shares, whereas posting at 3 pm will you the most clicks. You can also use Facebook Analytics, to track your audience data and their engagement.

     3. Find more keywords with keywords everywhere

“Keyword everywhere” is an extension on chrome that gives you keyword ideas. It is a good alternative for Google keyword planner. You just have to install it. After that, give your API key by entering your email address. Now you can easily use it, get a bunch of keywords, upload them, take the search volume and then download them. Downloads are available in PDF, Excel and CSV formats.

     4. Retarget visitors with Facebook Ads

Retargeting the visitors is an effective way of convincing the customers in the digital marketing because it will earn you more profit. Using the feature, “Facebook custom audience”, you can place a unique “cookie” in their browser that lets the user be anonymously identified as having visited your website. The user “cookied” in this way makeup what we call a Retargeting audience.

Once you have created an audience for your Facebook campaign, you can use Perfect Audience to create an ad campaign that will reach those people on Facebook in ads, on the right sidebar or in their News Feed. Thus, when a user sees these ads, they are reminded of your product or service and are invited to convert or sign up in some way.

     5. Improve your organic click-through-rate

Organic searching has a key role in digital marketing. If your click-through rate is high, your conversation and organic search flow will automatically increase. Click-through-rate is now an important ranking signal in Google’s algorithm.  Higher CTR will automatically improve your ranking.

There are few tips for improving  your organic click-through rate:

  • Add  long-tailed keywords in your title
  • Use highly emotional titles
  • Add a number to your title such as “7” or “54%”
  • Your click-through rate will increase up to 42% if you add images in posts.
  • Adding keywords to your URLs will also increase your visibility in the search engines.

     6. Optimize your content with LSI keyword 

Old school SEO strategies simply don’t work anymore and that’s because Google’s Hummingbird algorithm has changed everything about SEO. Now, along with keywords Google also understand topic and that’s how about 90% of all searches will be affected by new Google’s Hummingbird algorithm. So, How you will make sure that Google understands your topic? The answer is LSI keywords.

LSI are phrases or words most relevant to your target keyword. One basic rule is that using your keyword as much as possible on your blog will certainly get you good rankings but using keywords more than enough can result in a penalty.

For instance, let’s suppose you wrote a post about social media. Your LSI keywords would be phrases or words like:

  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • Facebook Page
  • Pinterest
  • Instagram

So, when Google sees these LSI keywords in your content, it says Great! This content is definitely about social media. You can find these LSI keywords using a free tool known as LSI Graph

     7. Tap into influencer marketing 

Hiring an influential person on YouTube, Instagram or Facebook to endorse your service or product will certainly lead to a flood of traffic. With the latest technology, this has become a lot easier. Influential marketplaces like “Fame bit” will connect you to the people who will help you in promoting your stuff. Keep in mind that your customer will trust you more, if you are advertising your brands via celebrities.

Many advertising agencies are implementing these above mentioned untapped and cool strategies to increase traffic towards their digital presence.

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