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Aug 09,2018

6 Apps to Make Your Instagram Stories Even More Creative

Instagram stories are the new trend in the social media platform. Digital marketers need to be aware of the huge window of opportunity provided by this cool tool. Also, there are third party apps that enhance the appeal of the Instagram stories so that they look more polished. The sophisticated Instagram stories would let you reach the targeted audience. Some apps that you can use to improve your Instagram stories are listed below.

1. Unfold

This app is used to create multi-page Instagram story to make it look more polished and stylish. It comes with various templates with border designs, font designs, and themes. You can automatically upload your Instagram stories through this third party app directly after editing and improving your stories.

2. Inshot

Edit your Instagram stories with Inshot but before starting to edit, you have to set the right Canva ratio 9:16. Make collages, use vibrant backgrounds, adjust speed of the video, and much more using Inshot that is tailor made for Instagram stories.

3. HypeType

Hype Type is a mobile app that lets you add fun typography and music clips to your Instagram stories. The quirky texts along with awesome music are bound to capture the attention of the viewers.

4. Adobe Spark

Wish to get professional with your Instagram Stories? Then use Adobe Spark to use exceptional graphical tools. Adobe Spark offers an array of templates with a variety of graphics, fonts, and backgrounds. Use the premium plan to improve your own brand assets such as logos and fonts.

5. Quik

How about you can convert your normal images into stories? Well, Quik does the job for you and also let you add graphics, soundtracks, etc. to make your Instagram story visually creative and attractive.

6. Storeo

Convert normal videos into 15-Second Instagram story clips with Storeo. It seamlessly crops longer videos into 15-second clips to make it perfect for Instagram stories. The app is very intuitive and guidelines are available that makes you go through the process so that you are able to use it the most efficient way.

Nowadays, everybody is using Instagram stories to promote their products. What new can you put in the plate to capture the attention of the viewers and engage them so that your audience converts into actual buyers? Create the brand image using creative designs offered by third party apps and communicate effectively with your viewers through Instagram stories.

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